If you’ve ever taken a vacation cruise from Adelaide, chances are that you’re familiar with how quickly or fast they tend to go by. Given this fact, many tend to believe that a short cruise is practically impossible. On the contrary, taking a two-day, three-day or four-day vacation cruise is very much possible. Even better, such vacation trips are extremely fun.

The key with taking such cruises is planning. If properly planned, these cruises make for perfect short breaks. Unfortunately, many vacationers when planning for such cruises often make a mistake of obsessively scheduling. You’ll find that they’ve planned for every minute of their cruise. As good as it might sound this eliminates space for being spontaneous during your cruise trip.

It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you details on how to effectively plan for a short cruise. Take these tips to heart and sure to enjoy your next three-day, four-day or five-day cruise from Adelaide.

Get Your Priorities Right For The Trip

The first thing you need to do when planning for a day cruise from Adelaide is noted down what’s important. In particular, you want to note down what you want to do while you are on board a ship. Is it great food and wine (great dining)? Are you after good entertainment? Or are you keen on enjoying the scenic landscape Wakerie offers (if you are cruising there of course)?

Once you’ve settled on your priorities on board a cruise, get to focus on how you can accomplish them. What this does is help you get a picture of what it’ll be like on board your cruise. A mistake many vacationers make is trying to do just about everything on board a ship. In most cases, unless you are on a small ship, you won’t be able to do all activities on a day cruise. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it is physically impossible.

Make The Short Cruise Your Trip’s Focal Point

If there is a mistake many people make when planning for a short cruise is not making it a focal point of their trip. Many people after scheduling one tend to compare their cruise to others, long or short. Some even try adding other cruises on top of it. They do this with an intention of making their short vacation more fun. This might sound sensible but what it does is make you miss out on great fun activities.

If you have decided on taking a particular cruise from Adelaide, make it your trip’s focal point. It’s better to spend time finding the right cruise offering the things you want as opposed to adding to one. Once you’ve done this, give it all your attention. This will allow you to fully enjoy your short break on board a ship or boat.

Settle On A Right Date For Your Short Break

Another key detail to factor in when planning a short cruise is the date. You want to make sure that the date you settle with favours you in just about every way. If you are after a cheap cruise, its best to plan your short break during spring or fall. During this period Cruises in Adelaide are slightly cheaper due to a decrease in demand. Furthermore, the weather during this period tends to be uncertain. If you are looking to have your short break during peak season and still want to save money, I’d suggest searching for cruise deals.

Working on your favour here is the number of companies offering cruise deals. All you have to do is simply do a search on different cruise companies in South Australia. You’ll have plenty to choose from. If you are after a cruise to and from different towns in South Australia, for instance, Wakerie, simply ask the cruising company you’ve settled on if they offer such. They’ll definitely advise you on the way forward.

Try to Be Flexible

With only days on board a cruise, it is very important that you be flexible. In most cases, you’ll find that there is a change in plans on board your cruise. These changes can be on dining times, different activities like sports events if they were to be held. If you let these small hiccups in plans affect you, you’ll end up not making the very best of your short trip.

Key when dealing with small issues is taking every opportunity of fun presented to you. If something bad were to happen, don’t give it to much thought time. Why? Well, you literally have no time for it. One of the best ways to handle such events is focusing on the best experiences. So whether it’s the whether someone you met while onboard or the food and wine served, try to keep a positive mind. The good thing about this is that is that cruises from Adelaide offer lots of fun things to do.

Plan Your Days Properly

While on board, it is important that you plan your day properly. Most people when planning a short break want to do everything. For instance, if they’re planning a three or four-day short break, they’ll try and do everything in these three or four days. This usually includes partying all night long and trying to tour during the day. The problem with doing this is that you’ll end up stressing your body. This is because you’ll not be having proper sleep. When your body is stressed, you are likely going to be tired a lot.

This will result in you not enjoying all the fun activities available to you on board a cruise. Don’t get me wrong, you can party and take tours, the key is doing it moderately. This will give you enough time to rest or sleep. If you are unable to do away with your night outings, I’d advise you go for the afternoon only tours. What this does is give you enough time to rest. You can also take the option of prioritizing things. For instance, if clubbing or partying is what you are after, note it down. This way you’ll know in good time when you’ll be resting and when you’ll be out and about the party scene.


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