Day cruises are ideal for just about any weekend getaway. They are also perfect if you happen to have a short break from work. Furthermore, a day cruise makes for a perfect celebration for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. The key with any given day cruise is making sure you settle with the right cruise company. The right cruise company will offer you a number of daily cruises to help you enjoy your short break thus making your selection easier.

One such cruise company that’s above the rest and offers a wide range of cruises is Rivergum Cruises. This cruise company offers a number of cruises to the masses. These cruises have all been designed to make one relax and enjoy their experience on board a cruise. From stunning views of nature to fun-filled off-board activities like wine tasting and cuisine sampling, Rivergum Cruises has it all.

In the list of cruises Rivergum offers are their Delightful Day Cruises. In this post will get to look at these day cruises in detail. We’ll look at what you can expect with these cruises as well as how you can book one of these day cruises.

  • Banrock Station Cruise
  • Caudo’s Wine and Dine Cruise
  • Lunch at the Lock Cruise
  • Overland Corner Cruise

Banrock Station Day Cruise

If you are a first time cruiser or simply are after long cruises, Rivergum’s Banrock Station Cruise is perfect for you. This cruise offers you a taste of what to expect with other day cruises Rivergum offers. This day cruise has two trips, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Both these trips offer or have the same features. The only difference between them is just timing.

So what can you expect with the Banrock Station Cruise? Well, an amazing dining experience and getting up close with nature. With the dining experience expect to enjoy a great sample of local wines and sumptuous meals. Key to note, this day cruise takes cruisers to Banrock Station and its approx. 8 hours long.   

Caudo’s Wine and Dine Cruise

Get set for a long day full of fun and relaxation with Rivergum’s Wine and Dine Cruise. This day cruise is a great option for anyone looking for premium cruises. This day cruise also has two trips, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Cruisers on board this day cruise get to enjoy BBQ Grill and Sangria at the famous Caudo Vineyard.

In addition, you’ll get to indulge your love for great wine while sampling a wide sample of Australian cuisines. Top on the list of cuisines you’ll get to enjoy is the famous Sangria and BBQ grill. Similar to Banrock Station Cruise, this day cruise is approx 8 hours long.        

Overland Corner Cruise

If you are after a go-to quality river day cruise in Australia then Overland Corner Cruise is a must-try. With this day cruise, you get to enjoy timeless beauty while cruising. With this cruise, you’ll be taken to Historic Overland Corner Hotel. While there, you have the option of sampling and enjoying local wines and great meals. If you are looking to learn more about Australian cuisine, this is the perfect cruise for you.

Overland Corner Hotel serves up a wide range of authentic Australian cuisines. For those looking for something extra, this cruise offers an opportunity to board Qatar. While onboard you can spend the whole afternoon cruising the beautiful Murray River. Of important to note, like the other two day cruises, this cruise has two trips on one day. One is in the morning while the other is in the afternoon. In addition, the cruises are approx..8 hours long.

Lunch at the Lock Cruise

These cruises offer two activities that are sure to excite you. One, it takes 2 hours to cruise passengers to Lock 2 seeing birdlife, limestone cliffs, and the serenity of the Murray River. Secondly, you’ll have scrumptious lunch at the lock grounds before cruising back to the Waikerie Riverfront. It is a leisurely walk to and from the lock where you can take in the beautiful views of the picnic grounds and possibly get to see the lock in action.   

All of these Delightful Day Cruises have a minimum of 8 passengers on board for the cruise to go ahead. If you have less people, we can still make a booking and then advertise for other passengers. We also need about 4 weeks’ notice to organise the cruise and get extra passengers on board.

If you want to book any of the day cruises in this post or you are simply searching for advice on day cruises, please contact James & Sandra by calling 0477 333 896. You can also contact us by sending an email to this Rivergum Cruises email address We have a wide great range of cruises that are tailored to suit your taste and style.

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