Murray River South Australia is arguably one of the most fascinating rivers in Australia’s river system. It boasts a diverse number of activities for everyone to experience. From romantic gateways that include wine tasting to sampling slow foods and flavors, the Murray River has it all. Of course, it also has breath-taking attractions along its path and it offers a gateway to the amazing national parks and museums. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy Murray River’s diverse experiences with your family or friends you are in luck. Below is a local’s guide on the top things to do and see along the great Murray River.

Murray River South Australia Cruises

We begin this guide with what is arguably one of the must-try activities in the Murray River and that is cruising. Cruising the Murray River South Australia offers an amazing experience for just about anyone. One of the benefits of cruising the Murray River is an endless stream of surprises. During your cruise, you are bound to enjoy a number of unique experiences and attraction. In fact, the Murray River perfectly highlights South Australia’s contrasting landscape. Therefore, cruising the Murray River help you discover a part of Australia you never knew existed. Additionally, you are bound to experience spectacular beauty and a diverse rich history during your cruise.

The key when taking up a cruise along the Murray River South Australia is picking the right cruise line. From short cruises to long cruises, there are a number of companies offering river cruises services in the Murray River South Australia. In fact, some cruise lines like RiverGum Cruises allow you to design your cruise. Some cruise lines even offer luxury cruise services. This way, you can enjoy some of its iconic and spectacular views along the Murray River like its highest mountains in style and comfort.

Wine Tasting and Winery Tours

Another great experience the Murray River South Australia offers is wine tasting and wine tours. The Murray River region prides itself in having some of the best vineyards in the country offering world-class wine. In fact, it boasts some of the country’s best-known wine regions. Here you can enjoy a treasure trove of flavours, tastes, style and even culture. One way you can get to enjoy some of the great wines in vineyards along the Murray River is by taking up winery tours. A number of this winery tours will take you to the popular wine tasting destination in South Australia. One such destination is the Barossa Valley.

Cruises on the Murray River also offer winery tours in South Australia. So if you want to enjoy wine tasting along the Murray River South Australia you should consider taking up a cruise. This way, you will be able to enjoy two of Murray River’s top experiences. A typical winery tour with a cruise involves visiting one of South Australia’s top wine-tasting destinations. This cruise tours aims to cover a lot of ground so you are likely to visit two or more wine-tasting spots. Furthermore, some cruise tours offer guided tastings and winery lunch.

Murray River Food Flavor Experience

Do you have a love for food? Do you love to try out new food cuisine and flavours? If your answer is yes you should try sampling various food flavours during your trip to the Murray River. The Murray River is regarded the food bowl of Australia so expect to have a variety of food samples. In fact, restaurants along the Murray River offer a number of food flavours on their menu to try out. The best part is that they go out of their way to serve up scrumptious meals to satisfy your taste buds.

Similar to wine tasting and wine tours, several cruise lines offer cruises tailored for food sampling. These cruises normally take you to popular restaurants/spots along the Murray River known for serving up authentic cuisine and fresh Australian flavours. You can get to enjoy with your cruise a 2-course lunch or an option of sampling a variety of dishes.

Murray River South Australia Houseboats

Cruising one of Australia’s longest river on board a houseboat offers a perfect experience on the Murray River. Similar to taking a normal cruise, cruising the Murray River on a houseboat offers an amazing experience. It’s even perfect if you want to create a one of a kind holiday experience with family and friends. With a houseboat cruise, you will be able to discover some of South Australia greatest attractions on the river. For instance, cruising along the Murray River will take you through stunning landscapes, spectacular riverscapes and endless river flows.

You also get to visit the City of Murray Bridge and experience the river lifestyle, scenes and views atop the bridge. Once you have settled on experiencing the Murray River on a houseboat, you should look at adding extra activities sure to spice up your cruise. You can work on securing added activities like wine tasting or even food sampling in some of the restaurants along Murray River.

Paddle steamers and Paddle boats

Thinking of a great way to enjoy the Murray River? Why not experience it with paddlestreamers and paddleboats. For years now, even before cruises started operating Murray River South Australia, this two have been the tool of choice when experiencing this river. With such a long history, there are several companies offering paddlestreamers and paddleboats services. This can be a good and bad thing. It’s a good thing because you have several options available and bad because finding the perfect company becomes hard.

When out looking for paddlestreamers and paddleboats, the key is to list what you want. This way you will be able to settle on a service that fulfils all your needs. Like cruises, you can and should check in advance whether you will have added activities like wine tasting included. Don’t assume that these services are included; in fact, most paddlestreamers and paddle-boats don’t offer this option. It is advised to always ask, this way you can be sure of what you will get.

Murray River South Australia Attractions

Planning on travelling along the Murray River? You will be happy to know that the Murray River has a number of attractions and activities. One of the best things about activities and attractions on Murray River is that they are tailored for just about everyone. If you are travelling with your kids you can count on them enjoying the activities available and the attractions they see. The same also applies to the old and everyone in between. If you would like to really take in the attractions along the Murray River, you should consider taking up a cruise.

With a cruise, you will be able to cover a lengthy section of the Murray River thus allowing you to take in more if the attractions. Just make sure that you take up a scenery cruise. This way you are sure of being taken to some of the Murray River South Australia attractions. There is also an option of discovering the attractions with a Murray River drive. Whether you are considering taking up a drive in South Australia or in other regions a drive allows you to take in all the beautiful river scenery.

With such a long river flowing for over a million years, there are plenty of things to do and see. If you are looking to experience the Murray River South Australia by taking up a cruise, get in touch with RiverGum Cruises. Our staff will help you set up the perfect Murray River trip for you, your family and friends.